Art Room presents Emily Wiethorn: A Certain Kind of Woman

Jan. 16-Feb. 22

Art Room presents A Certain Kind of Woman, a colorful and dynamic body of work created by Cincinnati-based artist Emily Wiethorn. This contemporary exhibition includes a series of self-portrait photographs that explore female identity, gender roles, and self-discovery.
Through the intoxicating use of feminine patterns and gestures, Emily Wiethorn uses performance to confront her own use of disguise to fit into the social construct of what it means to be female. Ultimately, she challenges the viewer through her carefully calculated use of backdrops, costuming, body language, and gaze. Wiethorn’s photographs are autobiographical in nature yet demand a universal appreciation and understanding of the societal pressures to be “a certain kind of woman.”

Art Room
120 St. Louis Ave
Fort Worth

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