Amaranti Ensemble presents A Stroll Through London: Music with Jane Austen

Oct. 11

7:30 pm

With Amaranti Ensemble, our mission is to connect music with other humanities in order to give audiences a memorable and educational experience. Our program, “A Stroll Through London: Music with Jane Austen,” achieves this mission by connecting music with history and literature. While Jane Austen is best known as a novelist, she was also an avid musician. Her music library contained over 500 pieces, and we use Jane’s personal collection of music throughout our recital.

Along this premise, we feature music largely unheard today such as popular country dances, Scotch and Irish songs, and accompanied sonatas by successful female composers. Throughout our recital, we also give a small in-depth lecture on London’s cosmopolitan culture and Jane’s response to this setting. There will also be readings from Jane’s novels, such as “Pride and Prejudice” and “Emma,” showing how she gave music a presence throughout her stories.

“A Stroll Through London: Music with Jane Austen” is a unique mixture of music, literature, and history. This recital gives audiences a new perspective on  Jane Austen, and a chance to hear some music that she likely played herself.


Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
7611 Park Lane

Ticket price: $10