How do I listen to WRR over the Internet?


Click on the "Listen Live!" icon in the upper left hand corner of the navigation bar. This will launch a Windows Media player, which will "netcast" WRR's terrestrial broadcast signal. Note: The free Windows Media Player is required to hear the stream. This software is available for both PC and Mac. Please click here to download and install.
I've always been able to listen to WRR on my computer, but now when I click on Listen Live I just get silence, What happened?


Occasionally one of your media players (there are quite a few, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Winamp & Real Audio are the big ones) will require an update and will ask a series of questions during the installation process, one of those being Do you want __________ to be your default media player? Many of us will answer yes and POOF!, no more WRR Streaming Audio.
The fix is easy, just click here and update your Windows Media Player.

Thinking Man
I just bought a Mac and don't use Windows but want to listen to use the Listen Live function of your web site but only see a choice for Windows Media Player. What do I do?
Click on the Free Windows Media Player icon located on the bottom right of our web site. You will be given two options for installing the Windows Media Player on to your Mac, install the standard Windows Media Player or install a plug-in for your Quicktime player. Both options are easy and work great, it's just a matter of taste.
I listen to your web cast regularly, but today I can't get any sound. What happened?
Although rare, occasionally our streaming audio will come down for system updates or heavy usage but should be back to normal in a few hours.
There's a council meeting being broadcast where WRR usually is, what happened to my favorite radio station.
Answer: Nothing, every other Wednesday WRR broadcasts the Dallas City Council Meetings.
I clicked on the "Buy CD" link next to a piece you were airing I really enjoyed and I was sent to a generic page and couldn't find the CD I was looking for. Can you help me?

Answer: Sadly not everyone loves classical music as much as we do and occasionally something we air will go out of print or will be sent to us from a small Austrian importer who has no distribution in the US. When this happens clicking on Buy CD sends you to a generic page where Arkiv Music will suggest something similar. Roughly 95% of our library is still in print and available through Arkiv but when that one piece comes on that really moves you and you can't find it anywhere it can be very disappointing.

I live a little outside the reach of your signal but occasionally I can get lucky if the weather is right and enjoy your programming. My question is, will you ever increase your signal so I can enjoy the station all the time?
Unfortunately the FCC mandates that no radio station can exceed 100,000 watts (which we are) so our signal cannot get any stronger and the HD technology will only help make the signal for the existing area better and more informative.
We are working hard with our web based signal to make it clearer, richer and more easily accessed. Certain cell phones now offer the Windows Media Player so with an internet connection and a good pair of headphones you can stream our station virtually anywhere. Also, auto makers are adding external inputs to their vehicles all the time so you can listen to your portable media device (which would include your cell phone) so the future looks bright for WRR listeners world wide.



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