WRR knows we have listeners around the world who from time to time need to tune us out. Maybe you're at the Meyerson for a performance and miss one of our PrimeTime programs or working from a remote area without internet access and miss this week's Classic Cafe... Fear Not!


So what exactly are 'Netcasts?'

Netcasts, sometimes known as podcasts, are the hip thing in media right now. A hybrid form of programming, netcasts are basically the same thing as a recorded radio series. Think of a netcast as a free magazine subscription that is delivered monthly to your mailbox; just as you can read a magazine at your leisure, you can listen to a netcast anytime you choose.

Netcasts can be played on any computer or media device that plays MP3 files. In other words, you don't need an i-Pod or portable mp3 player. If you can listen to WRR on your computer, you can listen to our netcasts and web exclusive content.



How does it work?


Click any of the program titles in Podcasts and the conversation will begin. You can also "save link as" by right clicking the title and downloading the mp3 to your desktop. There you can listen live to any of the audio listed or save the link to subscribe to the shows.

For more on what netcasts are and how they work, click here.

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