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WIND & RHYTHM: A Percy Grainger Walkabout

Reconnect with the music of your life with Wind and Rhythm. Wind and Rhythm is a one-hour weekly broadcast devoted to the music of Wind Bands hosted by Doug Brown. The show features Wind Symphonies, Wind Ensembles, Wind Orchestras, Concert Bands, Symphonic Bands, and Brass Bands with small brass, reed, and percussion ensembles too. In short, Wind and Rhythm is "the gathering place for people who love band music." Doug and his crew are thrilled to become a part of WRR in Dallas, arguably the band capital of the universe.

Many of you have probably participated in a band at some time in your lives. Perhaps it was an elementary school concert band where you learned to read music and play the clarinet. Perhaps it was later, in high school, when you marched down the field at half time with your trumpet at your lips. Whenever it was, being in the band was probably one of the most important experiences of your life. You learned about music, about friendships, and about being an integral part of some bigger than yourself.

A Percy Grainger Walkabout

For a composer who could truthfully refer to three continents as home, Percy Grainger made music in a very energetic manner. His walking tours were, well, arduous. And they took place in Australia, the UK, and the US, too. As he walked he collected folk songs both by writing them down and also on a very early recording device. Then, returning to his home (that is, his home at the time) and crafting them into his memorable music. On this episode of Wind & Rhythm, we’ll hear some of his blockbusters and some of his more obscure works.

Scotch Strathspey and Reel: Percy Grainger
      University Of Houston Wind Ensemble, Eddie Green 
Lincolnshire Posy: Percy Grainger
      University Of Michigan Symphony Band, Michael Haithcock  
Country Gardens: Percy Grainger
      US Navy Band, Captain George Thompson 
Walking Tune: Percy Grainger
      University Of Houston Wind Ensemble, Eddie Green 
Arrival Platform Humlet: Percy Grainger
      Oklahoma State Wind Ensemble, Joseph Missal 
The Immovable Do: Percy Grainger
      North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Migliaro Corporon 
Brigg Fair: Percy Grainger
      Oklahoma State University Wind Ensemble, Joseph Missal 
Mock Morris: Percy Grainger
      Dallas Wind Symphony, Jerry Junkin  
Shepherd's Hey: Percy Grainger
      US Military Academy Band: West Point, Col. Timothy Holtan 
The Gumsuckers March: Percy Grainger
      Dallas Wind Symphony, Jerry Junkin 




















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